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First Start French is the perfect introduction to French for students at grade levels 3 through 8. If you would like to add a modern language to your Latin studies, here’s the program for you. Modeled after the approachable Latina Christiana format, you will be able to teach your students the basics of grammar, help them develop a large vocabulary, and assist them in beginning to speak French. You will enjoy learning along with them as they practice conversation, reading and translation, and are introduced to French culture.

The student manual introduces vocabulary, grammar, and translation, with practice exercises for every lesson. The teacher manual includes hints and guidelines to keep you ahead of your student. Quizzes and answer keys make it easy to check progress. A pronunciation guide and CD recorded by a native French speaker will give your student the guidance needed to develop a good accent. Six fun, traditional French songs help with grammar and vocabulary. Start them off right with First Start French!   Order Online at   (Buy Now)

GOOD NEWS! First Start French, Book Two is available and shipping now! Build on your success with more vocabulary, expanded grammar, and more practice in reading French. Order at

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Just right

Dear Memoria Press- I just wanted to comment that we have certainly enjoyed your French program this year with our 4th and 3rd graders. They like the songs, and they like the dialogue portions of the lessons. I second the request to produce a DVD to go along with the program! - a Homeschooling Mom in VA

DVDs Please!

We are enjoying First Start French...but would love to learn it as we have learned Latin, by having a terrific teacher as a guest each week in our home via DVD! Looking forward to any news on this! French in Hawaii

the book

Hey Danielle, Way to go. I finally got it- those attachments are about your book. It looks like it is a winner. I wish you the very best in future endeavors. With love, Pete

French 2?

Will you be publishing a second year for this program? We just started it two weeks ago and love it. We've tried another homeschool French program, but my daughter didn't understand the "rules" (since they were never explained). Using the French program sold me on Latina Christiana. We just ordered it and are excited to start. Switching Latin programs mid-stream won't be easy, but I believe it will be worth it. Thanks for a great program. TG

Can you please develop a

Can you please develop a First Start French DVD like the one you have for the Latin courses. It makes it so much more enjoyable and easy to learn. Thanks, Cherye Morgan Classical Homeschooling Mom

"I LOVE the new French

"I LOVE the new French program. I studied French for 6 years in jr/sr high and 2 additional years in college. I also studied 2 years of Spanish in high school. I have never found a program I am happy with for my children!"

--Terri S., Memoria Press Forum